PVE Pilates

with Patricia van Essche


Patricia is passionate about Pilates and believes it is more than just a work out, it’s more than feeling the burn.  Pilates helps you do everything you love to do, but better! It doesn’t matter what your age is, or your goals (or lack thereof), or your abilities – Patricia will introduce newbie’s or dedicated Pilates devotees. Patricia takes your goals, desires and your bodies needs and cultivates each and every session around you.  The most important thing is to “Start where you are with what you have and move with purpose and passion.”

Each session is tailored to connecting your mind to your body, challenging you where you are today. She knows that in time you will develop a Pilates practice that you can do where ever you are in the world. Which is why she teaches in person. Pilates opened Patricia’s eyes up to the power she held within and she aims to help you find yours.


Are you ready to connect your body with Pilates? Ready to feel strong and stand tall? Ready to be confident in everything you do? Join Patricia wherever you are!

As a child Patricia danced, ballet and modern dance and created art and having Pilates takes her back to her younger self of moving freely and reflecting that free spirit in her life, her art and her commitment to inspiring others to live well and to live artfully.  Are you ready to move and feel good about your body and your mind?  

The practice of Pilates will elevate your life - give you “Power, Strength, Length" and be just what one needs that they don’t even know they are missing! 

Living artfully can be the secret to being dedicated to raising one’s standards. What are you doing to elevate your everyday?
— Patricia van Essche